Perennials 2020

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Achillea (Yarrow)- Paprika and Moonshine

Aconitum (Monkshood)- Bicolor

Agastache (Hyssop) - Blue Fortune, Kudos Coral and Rosie Posie.

Aquilegia (Columbine)- Swan Mix

Ajuga (Bugleweed)- Pink Lightning, and Black Scallop

Alcea (Hollyhock)- Halo Blush, Halo Candy, and Mars Magic

Alchemilla (Lady's Mantle)- Mollis Thriller and Sericata Gold Strike.

Alyssum (Basket of Gold)- Saxatile Summitt

Anemone (Wind Flower)- Wild Swan

Astilbe - Fanal, Milk and Honey, and Maggie Daly

Baptisia (False Indigo)- Indigo Spires

Brunnera (Siberian Bugloss)- Jack Frost

Buddleia (Butterfly Bush) - Black Knight, Nanho Purple, and Queen of Hearts.

Campanula (Bellflower)- Takion Blue, and Takion White.

Caryopteris (Bluebeard)- Dark Knight

Centranthus - Ruber Valerian Red

Cerastium (Snow-in-Summer)- Tomentosum Yo-Yo

Cimicifuga (Snakeroot)- Chocoholic

Clematis - Sweet Autumn

Coreopsis (Tickseed)- Crazy Cayenne, Uptick Gold and Bronze, Verticullata Moonbeam, Verticullata Zagreb, Early Sunrise, and Red Satin.

Delphinium (Larkspur)- Mountain Fountains Sky Bue/White Bee, Giant Blue Bird, and Pink Punch.

Dianthus - Georgia Peach Pie, Barbarini Indian Carpet Mix, Barbarini Purple Picotee, Deltoides Brilliant, and Double Bubble.

Dicentra (Bleeding Heart)- Spectabilis Valentine 2-3 eye, and Spectabilis 3-5 eye.

Digitalis (Foxglove)- Dalmation Peach, Dalmation Purple, Candy Mountain, and Sugar Plum.

Echinacea (Cone Flower)- Leilani, Purpurea Feeling Pink, Purpurea Magnus, Purpurea Pow Wow Wild Berry, Purpurea Ruby Star, and Cheyenne Spirit.

Euphorbia- Bonfire

Gaillardia (Blanket Flower) - Mesa Peach, Grand Arizona Sun, and Grand Goblin.

Galium- Odoratum

Geranium- Purple Pillow, Alpen Glow, and Rozanne.

Geum - Coccineum Koi, and Blazing Sunset.

Heliopsis (False Sunflower)- Sunburst

Huechera (Coral Bells)- Berry Smoothie, Midnight Rose, Caramel, Plum Pudding and Twist of Lime.

Heucherella- Fun Games Eye Spy, and Sweet Tea.

Iberis (Candytuft)- Snowsation

Lamium (Deadnettle)- Pink Pewter

Lavendula (Lavender)- Hidcote

Leucanthemum (Ox-eye Daisy)- Becky, White Breeze, Banana Cream, and Whoops a Daisy.

Lewisia - Elise Mix

Liatrus (Blazing Star)- Floristan White, and Kobold Original.

Ligularia- Midnight Lady

Lobelia- Cardinalis

Lupinus (Lupine)- Masterpiece, My Castle, The Governor, and Popsicle Red.

Monarda (Bee Balm)- Pardon my Pink, Coral Reef, and Sugar Buzz Rockin' Raspberry.

Myotosis- Bluesylva, and Rosylva

Nepeta (Catmint)- Purrsia Blue, Cats Meow, Cats Pajamas and Junior Walker

Oenothera (Evening Primrose) - Missouriensis

Papaver (Poppy)- Wonderland Mix, and Royal wedding.

Penstemon- Midnight Masquerade, Cherry Sparks, and Electric Blue.

Perovskia (Russian Sage)- Little Spire

Phlox Paniculata (Upright)- David, and Flame Purple Eye.

Phlox Subulata (Groundcover)- Candy Stripe, Emerald Blue, Spring Hot Pink, and Fort Hill

Polemonium (Jacob's Ladder)- Blue Pearl

Pulmonaria - Mrs. Moon

Rudbeckia (Black-eyed Susan)- Viettes Little Suzy, Goldstrum, and Cherry Brandy.

Salvia - Bumbleberry, Bumblesky, Caradonna, and May Night.

Scabiosa (Pincushion Flower)- Butterfly Blue, and Fama Deep Blue.

Sedum - Superstar, Spectabilis Neon, Sunsparkler Firecracker, Carl, Sunsparkler Dazzleberry, Sieboldi, and Sunsparkler Lime Twister.

Siyrinchium (Blue Eyed Grass)- Lucerne

Stachys (Hedgenettle)- Helene Von Stein, and Hummelo

Thymus (Thyme)- Creeping Red, Silver and Wooly.

Veronica (Speedwell)- Eveline, First Lady, Lewanesis Turkish, and Spicata Royal Candles.

Annuals 2020

Pansy - 6pack $3.99 / 4" $3.99 / 6" 6.99.

Alyssum - Snow Crystals.

Angelonia - Angelface Blue, Perfectly Pink, Wedgewood Blue, and Angelface White.

Argyranthemum - Golden Butterfly, and White Butterfly.

Begonia - Non Stop Mix, Surefire Red, and Surefire Rose.

Browallia - Endless Flirtation, and Endless Illumination.

Calibrachoa - Superbells Blue moon Punch, Superbells Coralina, Superbells Dreamsicle, Superbells Grape Punch, Superbells Pink, and Superbells Yellow Chiffon.

Celosia - First Flame Purple, And Fresh Look Red.

Chrysocephalum - Flambe Yellow.

Cleome - Queen Mix, and Sparkler Rose.

Coleus - Colorblaze Golden Dream, Colorblaze Sedona Sunset, Colorblaze Torchlight, Colorblaze Wicked Witch, El Brighto, and Chocolate Covered Cherry.

Cosmos - Sensation Mix, Sonata Mix, and Sonata White.

Cuphea - Vermillionaire.

Dahlia - Figaro Mix.

Dianthus - Ideal Select Mix , Telstar Mix, Ideal Select Mix, and Telstar Purple Picotee.

Dichondra - Argentea Silver Falls.

Dusty Miller - Silver Dust.

Euphorbia - Diamond Snow, and Diamond Frost.

Evolvulus - Blue my Mind.

Gaura - Karalee Petite Pink, and Stratosphere White.

Gomphrena - Truffula Pink.

Helichrysum - White Licorice.

Impatience - New Guinea Infinity Cherry Red, New Guinea Infinity Orange, New Guinea Infinity Pink, New Guinea Infinity Salmon, New Guinea Infinity White, and New Guinea Infinity Lavender.

Lobelia - Laguna Dark Blue, Laguna Sky Blue, and Laguna White.

Lobularia - Blushing Princess, and Snow Princess.

Marigold - Inca II Deep Orange, Inca II Yellow, Vanilla, Durango Bee, Durango Mix, Durango Red, and Durango Yellow.

Mint - Mojito Cocktail.

Nemesia - Blue Bird, Pink Aromance, Sunsatia Blood Orange, Sunsatia lemon.

Osteospermum - Bright Lights Berry Rose, Bright Lights Purple, Bright Lights Yellow, Lemon Symphony, Orange Symphony.

Ornamental Oregano - Kirigami.

Pennisetum - Fireworks, Rubrum Purple Fountain, Skyrocket.

Petunia - Supertunia Bermuda Beach, Supertunia Blue Skys, Supertunia Bordeaux, Supertunia Daybreak Charm, Supertunia Lemoncello,  Supertunia Lovie Dovie, Supertunia Raspberry Rush, Supertunia Really Red, Supertunia Royal Magenta, Supertunia Royal Velvet, Supertunia Sharon, Supertunia Mini Vista Morning Glory, Supertunia Vista Bubble Gum, Supertunia Vista Fuchsia, Supertunia Vista Silverberry, Supertunia White, Surfina Amethyst, Surfina Heavenly Blue, and Supertunia Mini Vista White.

Scaevola - Whirlwind Blue, Whirlwind Pink and Whirlwind White.

Sedum - Lemon Coral.

Snapdragon - Liberty Mix, Rocket Mix, Twinny Rose and Twinny Yellow.

Streptocrapus - Concord Blue.

Sutera (Bacopa) - Snowstorm Giant Snowflake.

Tarragon - Licorice Vine. 

Verbena - Superbena Rapsberry, Royale Chambary, Superbena Royale Peachy Keem, Superbena Stormburst, Superbena Sparkling Amethyst, Superbena Sparkling Rose, Superbena Dark Blue  and Superbena Whiteout.

Vinca Major - Maculata and Wojo's Gem.